Brian is an Australian musician who relocated to the UK in the early 1980s and is now based in Australia near Port Macquarie. As well as live performance in roots rock, Americana, folk rock and pop/rock genres, he also composes for live and video and film soundtracks. He also has a lot of experience in live production and studio production / engineering for recordings in a variety of styles as well audio post production and voice overs.

A guitarist, vocalist, bandleader, arranger, composer, producer and award winning song writer - Brian has a formidable array of skills and experience. He is just as at home on a big festival stage in outback Western Australia as an indie live music club in the heart of London.

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Latest release - FATAL SHORE

The Fatal Shore was a name given to the Australian colonies by the early settlers and convicts due to the harsh conditions - and the incompetence of the British governance.

However it wasn't just the new arrivals who suffered from the European influx. This is the oldest tradgedy of our race where a mainly nomadic culture come up against a stationary agricultural society - Cain versus Able.

This song is Brian Heywood's take on the Moreton Bay Aussie folk song - with the story being told by a displaced aboriginal family rather than a convict.

The song was originally recorded in 2002 at Hugh Macdonald's studio in Melbourne and completed in Bluetongue Studio on the mid north coast of New South Wales.

Release info: Label: POKE Record - Cat#: PROD032 - Date: 15th October, 2023

"... agressive, top notch fiddling set off by periodic guitar explosions." - Tom Nelligan, Dirty Linen (from review of Tear Down the Barriers).